Are small dog Teacups Yorkies Healthy?

If you are like so many of us breeders and buyers alike, we love those tiny little angels. Some people are fine with a 5 lb Yorkie. I just love the little ones. I set out young in my breeding career to breed healthy teacup yorkies. Here is what I learned: (the first half of this video is about the health concerns associated with tiny Yorkies and debunking all that, the second half is a bit about me and why I am the way I am, and why I started breeding tiny moms despite what people said)

1. Common health issues in Yorkies are Hydrocephalus, liver shunt, and others, have symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of these health issues is Stunted Growth. Young breeders go pick a breeding dog and they pick the smallest in the litter for breeding. Or a breeder may look at a litter and have a pup thats smaller than the rest that maybe had a few low sugar issues and don’t realize, that the small size, plus the hypoglycemic issues together = major health issue already starting to show, at least its a huge indicator, and they would be wise to keep that puppy up to 8 months before rehoming it. 

This is where you run into “TeaCup” or tiny Micro Yorkies getting a bad rap. Either your breeder knows and sells anyway, knowing their health guarantee will only replace your puppy not give you a refund down the road, or they don’t know.

2. I have bred so many tiny girls. I learned so much. I do the actual research and get a wide range of opinions and do my own testing before ever forming my opinion. You don’t get a liver shunt, because your tiny. You don’t get a heart murmur from being tiny. Being tiny can be genetic or a symptom of a major health issue. 

3.  Health issues regarding organs or musculoskeletal are either hereditary or congenital. Congenital just means present at birth. So a Congenital heart defect would mean the pup has a heart deformity but it was inherited from one of the parents. My vet explained it to me as a small cluster of cells diving millions of times, if something goes slightly wront during cell division, your have an improper heart valve. Could this be due to lack of nutrients, sure, or a placenta in a bad location in the uterine horns where blood flow was poor, there are a million things. There is also hereditary, your pup can inherit a major issue from genetics of the parents, or a dominant or recessive trait.

4. If you are an experienced breeder who takes the time to learn everything, read medical journals, and do all the things. You start to become medically minded. You write down the array of symptoms and the possible diseases that would fit the symptoms. Smart breeders spend time learning about health, consult their veterinarian and know, what to look for. Smart breeders look for early symptoms of a health issue and are willing to keep a puppy if they don’t know if a pup is tiny due to genetics or a symptom of a health defect. Which brings me to my next point.

5. I had an 8 lb yorkie, she was my first momma I ever had. She consistently produced puppies that were 2 lbs full grown. I had my sisters inlaws, buy two girls from her second litter. Actually I think one of them is still alive today, and one recently passsed. They lived long healthy lives!! I hope you understand this important experience. Puppies can be tiny simply because its in their genetics. 

This is a bit of a tangent from this post, but Yorkie breeders are causing major issues with size and breeding capability with yorkies. These breeders scream and yell and call names at breeders who breed tiny girls, and all along they are causing harm to the breed. If you breed an 8 lb female to a 2 lb male, generation after generation. It becomes genetically very difficult to determine adult weight. It also hides something so important. Hip size. So you have these breeders buying big girls and tiny boys so they don’t get in a c section and they don’t get yelled at by other breeders, but they still have a chance to get that one little one worth as much as the rest of the litter combined! QUE all hell. I check every single females vaginal canal. you can have an 8 lb female with narrow internal structure, but you’ll pass that trait on just fine, because your breeding to a 3 lb male, or a 5 lb male that throws pups with low birth weights, either way its still progenating the issue. AKA sending the bad trait down to the next breeder. I have 4 lb girls that whelp with no issues becasue I have had my gloved-up finger up there, and I have felt so many, I know what big wide hips feel like.  You can tell right off, if there is a narrowing at any point in the female structure. Take a que from nature, in almost every mammalian species, the male is larger than the female. But somehow, Yorkie breeders have spread the information that the male has to be smaller than the female, instead of learning to breed wide hips. 


I am just trying to document my experiences. I go against the grain on everything, I have to know things for myself, in some ways I have had to learn things the hard way. In this regard I am so grateful that I searched and tried things regardless of what other breeders said. 

When I was pretty young, shorter than the counter, I remember my mom, her name is Pam, cooking at the stove, and I was standing next to her. I could just barely see the red hot coil and I was staring at it. My mom said, “Don’t touch that Janet it’s hot.” I looked her square in the eye and without breaking her gaze reached my hand up to touch the coil. 

When I was 16 I got in a car accident driving my sister to school. I was in a big red suburban, and my Dad was a police offer, so I called him, and he had to call UHP because he couldn’t take care of his own daughter’s accident. I will never forget what happened, I was in the middle of the intersection to turn down 2600 s. in Bountiful Utah at a complete stop, to go towards the high school, and I hit the gas way to hard to make my left hand turn, I fishtailed badly and went up over the curb. A large tree that had a branch bending for a nice swoop up above that sidewalk crushed the top right hand corner of the car as I flew past. That was right at the front corner, and my sister was in the front seat. After UHP had done the whole investigation, he talked to my Dad, and my Dad walked over to my sister and I, and he looked at me and said, “Janet, we can see that you hit the gas and continued to hit the gas, even after you were fishtailing. He took me over to a big tire track over the muddy grass area next to the side walk, and he says , “You see that Janet. You never hit the break, not once”. 

You can imagine, what I did when so many breeders said, don’t breed a female less than 5 lbs, or 4 lbs. lol. All in just like that. Come to find out, 

I guess you could say I don’t ever hit the break, in the midst of whatever I go through in life, its full speed ahead. Sometimes that has gotten me in trouble, and sometimes it has been what has set me apart. Blessing or curse, I still don’t know. But I do know this. I can breed healthy Yorkies as small as I want.