How to avoid a puppy sale scam


Unfortunately because of the popularity of the yorkie breed there are many scams you need to watch for. Here is a list of what to be weary of ! Please if you know of a scam that is not listed here e-mail me and i will promptly put it up. Too many people are taken advantage of every year by yorkie scams.


– The best way to avoid being scammed – is to do a simple google search of the breeders name or kennel name.


– Ask for videos or to FaceTime. People who are trying to run an honest business and protect a brand, are eager to prove to you that they are not a scammer. Don’t take excuses for no videos. Anyone can photoshop a pic, you can’t photoshop a video. You will see my cell, my full name, and pictures of me ! all over. It is so easy to fake things. I even make a point of putting my face in pics or videos that I send. I know a breeder in florida, knew her for years, after a ton of bad things were posted about her and she was scamming people with puppies who had major defects, she changed her name and put up a new facebook page. She was brought up on fraud charges in florida. No point in posting her name, she has changed it 5 times that I know of, and this happens everywhere!! You will never see a picture of her face. Or a kennel name/brand that she promotes. Scammers don’t give people their personal pic with their kennel name.  I always give my name. I’m not afraid to, because my clients are happy and grateful for years after they get one of my puppies. 


– Ask for references – if you are talking to a breeder that has been breeding a long time, they should bed able to supply some phone numbers of their happy clients.


–  Look out for the word adoption when you are looking for your puppy. This is a buzz word in fraudulent ads. Scammers will use this word in their ad and then say you need to provide them with your personal information so they can ensure that you will provide a good and loving home to the puppy. If you see the word ADOPTION and an incredibly low price –  followed by a request for your information. STOP! Arange a time to visit the puppy in person !! if that is not possible ask them to text you a pic of the puppy on their lap. If they are unable to furnish a pic – Its a SCAM !! Do not EVER under any circumstance give out your personal information to someone you don’t know.


–  If you find an ad for a puppy and the phone number is no good or they will only text you not call, or only contact via email. Chances are they need time to think up fake answers. This is huge to look out for when purchasing your yorkie puppy. If you don’t have a phone number to call and an actual person to talk to – BEWARE. A good breeder loves to tell people about their puppies and talk about the quality of their puppies.


– If they are unable to produce updated pictures as the puppy grows that is a warning sign ! Or if they can’t produce pictures of the parents or any past litters. You can also do whats called a reverse image search. this is HUGE – just load the picture to google, and if the scammer has stolen pictures off another breeders website or Facebook page – google can find similar images across the web, and you just click on the picture and you may find that the pictures actually belong to someone else !


– Yorkies are expensive ! These dogs do not generally sell for less than $500 for a purebred puppy. If it seems to good to be true… it usually is. I have noticed that the scammers in the past six months have become wise to this … and some are now actually raising their prices , ripping people off for more money.


– The ad will be listed with a very low price or for FREE ADOPTION. You just need to pay shipping. You will send the money to have the puppy shipped. The puppy will never arrive.


– I have seen ads linking to my website. Scammers using my good reputation to rip someone off. Always use the contact form here on my website, I am always willing to give out my personal cell phone number after you have filled out my contact form. I see the contact form come right to my cell phone and you will get a prompt response!


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