We are so excited to have this gorgeous girl from our Tucker. She is 4  lbs. Her coat is exquisite. Thick silk! Perfect knees, perfect bite. Her mother is Blossom, who is 4.5 lbs. She has champion Edgewood lines. She is dark, and carries chocolate. She has the perfect temperament just like Tucker and Blossom. I could not be more proud to have FENDI  as a part of our program here at DESIGNER YORKIES. We have had some incredible babies from Fendi. Many Micros under 3 lbs full grown. I am so proud to be her momma, and how she handles being a mom. She truly enjoys her time with her little ones and mothers them so well. Her dad Tucker weighs 3.5 lbs. Tuckers parents were 4.2 lbs, who was Clair, and Tuckers father was my edged boy Duke, who was 3.5 lbs. Now Clairs Mom was Jojo who was 8 lbs , and Clairs father was a tiny 2.5 lb boy. Just love this line. As you can see on her back she isn’t Jet black like tucker, but still quite dark. She has a dedicated loving personality and her legs have gotta be close to only 4 inches. I love it. Nice tiny ears, shorter nose. Her son Mozzi is or next stud. Mozzi is under 2.5 lbs as an adult , he is 2.3 lbs.