Pg600 (Pg 600) For Dogs

This page is to help you understand more about PG 600 for dogs. What it is used for. What it is not used for. This will help you understand realistic expectations when you use it by a Certified Veterinarian or even better – a reproductive specialist veterinarian.

What is PG 600?

Pg stands for Progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone produced by the body. When progesterone rises it causes hormonal changes. In dogs, the rise in progesterone triggers the female’s body to go into heat. Then they begin to bleed. Giving your dog injections of pg 600 will induce heat. Sometimes your dog may not go into even after being given pg 600 injections. Pg 600 was originally made to be used in pigs. It was used to induce estrus in pigs. It would also help with any scar tissue on the ovaries.

My Experience using PG 600 on my dogs

The first time I used it was on a female who only cycled every 11 months. I used the PG 600, and she went into heat and she was bred on days 11 and 12. She ended up having a normal litter of 5. She also began to cycle every 7 months. 7 months is the normal distance between heat cycles in dogs.

It went so well I started using it for any female who didn’t cycle by 8 months from their last heat. The more I used it the more I saw missed breedings where the female did not get pregnant. I had gotten lucky with the first female. I wouldn’t use this unless your female wouldn’t cycle for 11 months or more. If you do use pg600. It should only be used with the expectation of getting your female to cycle at the appropriate intervals.

When to use Pg 600

You only use it to regulate your dog’s cycles. When you use PG 600, it is only given every 5 days until the bitch starts bleeding. It is reportedly very painful for the female dog. The actual injection is not painful. The cycle will be a painful one. That is what I have heard from other breeders.

PG 600 does not give the female dog a steady level of hormone that is needed for the bitch to actually ovulate. The other concern is that the hormone level of progesterone will not get high enough for the female to ovulate and drop any eggs. The level of progesterone is up and down in the female. This makes pg600 very unreliable for getting a litter. After a couple of years of lots of missed breeding with PG 600, I started researching and found that this was obviously true.

I missed a lot of litters trying to get them to cycle regularly. I also found out that the average heat is not every 6 months in dogs. The actual average for distane between heats in dogs is 7 months. Why everyone says 6 months I don’t know. In the rare case a bitch could cycle every 4 months.

The reason PG 600 worked so well for my first bitch is because she was well overdue for heat and she actually needed the cycle to be regulated.

I have also tried iron substitues, vitamins, getting another bitch around that is in heat, and none of those things worked.

Get your female some sun. And remember most dogs go into heat at the seasonal changes of the year.  I am not a veterinarian. Dogs generally respond well to 1 cc (or 1 ml) per 20lbs of weight. The first dose is given, then you wait 5 days and give a second dose. then you wait 1 week for next dose. Do not give more than 3 doses.  Administering instructions are on the bottle. Please consult your veterinarian for dosages and administering. I am not a veterinarian, this was what was done with my particular female.  You need to consult a veterinarian before using pg 600.


Dosage for pg600 in dogs

The dosage for Pg 600 that is recommended for dogs is

– 1cc (or 1 ml) per 20 lbs.

–  .5 cc (or ml) per 10 lbs.

– .25 cc (or ml) per 5 lbs.

In dogs, it is recommended to give the pg 600 first dose then wait 5 days and give the second dose. Then wait 7 days for the 3rd dose, and another 7 days for a 4th dose, etc.

You should stop giving the pg 600 as soon as you see blood or lots of swelling of the vulva. So if your female bleeds or has vulva swelling after the 1st dose, do not give anymore pg 600 to her.


Where to buy pg600

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