Pregnancy Vitamins


When breeding any small breed, including yorkies, vitamins can make a huge impact on the puppies and especially the health of the mother. I breed 2.5 lb mothers ( maybe you think thats awful, but my mom always taught me honesty is the best policy). Some larger up to 5 lbs. Over the years I have learned that the smaller the mother the more volatile calcium and other nutrient levels will be in her body. I have had to learn a lot with breeding tiny moms, and come to find that even breeders who breed large breeds like Dobermans or Rottweilers experience symptoms that indicate a calcium deficiency. But the larger breeds don’t go over the edge to the danger zone like small breeds. Also Breeds Like Frenchies who can develop breathing complications and overheat – need a good vitamin regimen because symptoms from milk fever or low calcium can tax them way to hard when they don’t breathe easily to start with.  

Here is the vitamin regimen. I give to avoid expensive vet visits, and loosing valuable puppies because of an aggressive mom or not enough milk.  



Oxy Mate from the time the bitch goes into heat, until she whelps her babies. These are the only vitamins that have ever made a visible difference. Bitch won’t blow her coat, you will get fat puppies. Milk will fill before pups arrive. It has fenugreek, trying to give fenugreek through foods – will give you’re bitch diarrhea. If you have a bitch who does tiny half second pushes and doesn’t bear down hard and push hard – this vitamin will fix that making her have hard contractions and short whelping, and help a bitch who has trouble supplying milk. Included is the link to purchase it on Amazon. 


Pet-Cal Tabs

Low Calcium Supply is the number one thing that will cause your bitch to pant excessively, get aggressive with her pups putting them in her mouth and carrying them around, or even eat a pup. This is because of a calcium deficiency. In the wild – 10% or more of a dogs diet was actual bone. When you see these symptoms, you can be sure your bitch is pulling tons of calcium out of her own bones eventually because she will get it out of her bones. 

You need!!! to give Pet cal tabs starting 5-7 days before due date and 5-7 days following birth.This ensures you will not have milk fever in the mother, or loose pups to aggression, or watch your poor baby pant for hours. This one is the most important, it has the proper amounts of calcium to Phosphorus for maximum benefit to the female.

Super simple to get them off Amazon, they are not expensive. Milk fever presents as slight stumbling, unable to stand and shaking. 


Oxy Momma

Oxy Momma is great. Keeps moms milk supply up. Don’t mess with the yogurt this and goats milk that lol. Oxy Momma will keep your female from blowing her coat. Thats an outward sign of inward health, when they don’t blow their coat! Or loose a ton of hair after whelping. Every breeding bitch should get these vitamins. We owe it to the momma’s to keep them energetic and healthy so they can enjoy and play with their babies.

You can get them here “Click Here” 

Nurture Mate – One Of My Favorite Vitamin supplements To have on hand

  • GREAT FOR – Giving puppies, kittens, and foals a healthy start in life
  • SUPPLEMENT – Rich in colostrum, protein, and other nutrients
  • USE – Provides more energy and promotes aggressive nursing
  • SUPPORTS a strong immune system in the first days of life and protects the GI tract
  • ALTERNATIVE USES – in times of reduced appetite or digestive disorders