Puppy’s that show signs of restlessness, stop nursing, cry as if in pain, won’t stop moving may be a puppy that has colic. I’m sad to say that this ends in the death of the puppy 99% of the time. Most of the time, the colic is due to a twisted gut or stomach. The puppy’s little tummy is shaped like a hammock. Sometimes the hammock can get a twist in it. This usually happens because mom stepped on baby’s belly. This is why its so important to keep mom away from other dogs and in a stress free environment. Mothers are protective of their young. If you have kids or strangers are other dogs in the next room barking, mom is going to stand up and pace back and forth. I say this because once a puppy has “Colicked” its literally a death sentence for a puppy. In the video to the right – This puppy has colicked, we affirmed this with a necropsy wherein it could be seen that some intestine had gone in front of, up and back around the hammock of the stomach. The only time I have ever even heard of a puppy displaysing all the signs of colic – was the breeder gave the puppy gripe water. Now, gripe water can’t fix a “twisted gut” where there is a twist in the hammock of the stomach or intestine gets wrapped aorund the hammock without surgery. Veterinarians are very weary to put a 5 oz puppy under anesthesia. THen with expensive surgery theres a chance they may die due to infection or just not doing well under anesthesia.   All I can say is – If you can tube feed – only feed small amounts or the puppy will aspirate. Try to tube gripe water – that will fix the colic if there is nothing twisted inside and you’ve just got a bloated pup, If you have found this page because your trying to help your puppy who wont stop crying and looks like the video I have shared- first of all im so srry!! and second, best of luck with your baby, remember its not your fault, we do everything we can don’t beat yourself up, we can’t control mother nature. Wishing you and your babies the best of luck – Janet


This video might be hard to watch, this poor little one is suffering, I just hope it may help someone to quickly identify colic and do what may be one as soon as possible.