Visiting My Home

     I admin a lot of facebook groups for pets. There are so many times that I see people posting saying that “If the breeder doesn’t let you in their home” that is a huge red flag.

     Let me bring something to your attention as a buyer, from the breeders perspective. If you had a bag of diamonds, and you wanted to sell those diamonds, say off a classifieds site. You wouldn’t bring the prospective buyer into your home and open up the drawer in front of them showing them where you keep the diamonds.

     That is exactly what a $2500 dog is, an easy score.

     Sadly I could go on and on with the screenshots and stories I can find and stories from my own experiences. When I put an ad out on a local classifieds site, im making myself an easy target for someone who wants to find something valuble to hock for their next fix. 

     My dogs are family, and not only them, I have little children in my home.  As a parent – It is my first responsibility and my right to protect my dogs and my children. If you want to form a bad opinion of me because I wont let you walk into my home. That is 100% ok,  Because as I lay my head down at night, I know I didn’t let 3 random people come to my home while my husband was gone.

     If you have been on my list for a long time, I have spoken with you, seen your Facebook page, I will most likely be totally fine with you coming to my home.  There have been times when I have told people I want to meet for the exchange at the police station to be safe and they never text back. It’s usually people who call me and say when I get the dog, without asking any questions.

     A friend of mine was almost killed by two people who met her in a parking lot, held the dogs and then ran her over while driving off with two of her puppies.

     Please do not think less of me if I want to meet you at the target parking lot, or at the police station.  I’m not selling $200 dogs. My dogs are expensive (anyone who finds me on an ad for a $3,000 puppy knows that) and the safety and peace in my home is paramount.

     As you can see in the screenshots, people who do these terrible things are not some scraggly looking people, its also women, lol, little old lady’s who drive off with your puppy.   I cannot compromise on the safety of my family, and that includes my dogs and their babies. 

     Thank you for reading, and I hope this has given you a perspective you didn’t previously have.

     Thanks for reading.


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