How to get on the waiting list

If you would like to be on the waiting list for Designer Yorkies. Please fill out the puppy application. That gives me all the info I need to put you on the waiting list. There is no deposit required to join the waitlist. Please note that you can easily get a puppy before the people on this list. Most of these people waiting may pass for any reason, and could be waiting for a particular set of parents to have babies. This is just a contact list. You can also subscribe to our email list, and that lets you unsubscribe at any time. I email news about new litters and available puppies to the list. You can join that by vising the subscribe page.

Waiting list

– 2476 Kearns , Chocolate Micro female

– 8887 Lindley, Chanel Babydoll Cobby Body 4-5 lbs.

– 6545 Sun, Standard Breeding Female **

– 9668 Benford , 3-5 lb traditional female

– 6607 Cloward , breeding female**

– 5408 Jones Breeding Female

– 7729 Mcfadin , 5 lb breeding Female Babydoll , Traditional but open to other colors

– 3021 Abraham , male**

– 7584 Bannan , Breeding Female

– 4069 Poffenholz, 2.5 – 3lb female no bigger than 4 lbs

– Betsabel Pereira, micro female

– Henderson Tiny black and tan female

– Rand 2043, 5lb or less full AKC black and tan female

– Nelson 7181, 5 lb black and tan, pet

– Pickering 2111, full akc 5 lbs

– Raykhatsaum 6005 – 3-5 lb dark brown cuddler boy

– Chin 3608 – female tiny like Poppy FL – Sarasota Airport

– Closte 9340 – boy or girl Small

– Jennifer Jam 9 , Female