This page is dedicated to helping breeders understand how colors are expressed, transferred, and what you need to produce colors. So its all about parti (piebald) , blonde, chocolate, etc yorkies. I am going to explain things in the most simple visual way that I can. This color gene rules apply to Chocolate, Parti, and blonde. These rules do not apply to merle or sable. 

In this photo, you see a parti colored yorkie. This is what it looks like when the recessive gene is being expressed. The term “expressed” means you actually see the color. For the color to be “expressed” you have to have two copies of the gene. Meaning you get one from each parent. 

Here is a simple way to visually remember these princaples. 

When I think of a gene, I think of the DNA double helix, sometimes called the structure of life. For each dogs ladder. They get one side of the ladder from mom and one side of the ladder from dad.  So for every color, parti, chocolate, blonde, every dog has a ladder for each of these genes. What the dog looks like, or what it carries, all depends on what their ladder is or what they inherited from each parent. 

This is Cookie. She is not expressing the Parti gene. But I have DNA tested her and she carries the parti aka piebald gene. So what does her ladder for the parti gene look like? And what does this mean for what colors she can produce? 

Remeber – for the parti gene to be expressed both copies of the gene have to be present to be expressed or for the dog to look parti. Cookie only has one copy. So she doesn’t look parti. Any of her babies will receive only one side of their ladder from cookie. And it could be the parti side of her ladder or the “No parti side”

Lets go back to the expressed parti yorkie and take a look at her ladder. 

For a recessive gene to be expressed, both sides of the ladder have to be the same. So for CoCo both sides of her ladder are Parti. So she “looks” parti and the gene is expressed.  This means that CoCo got the gene from her mother and father, because each side of the ladder is inherited from each parent.  We just don’t know which side of the parents ladder each puppy will get from either parent. 

So hopefully this visual representation helps you. Each puppy receives one side of teh ladder from both parents. But we have no way of knowing which side of the ladder each puppy will get from both parents. Any puppy that gets the parti gene from both parents, will look or express the parti gene. If a puppy only receives one copy of the parti gene, then the dog will not express the gene aka not “Look” parti, and be only a carrier of the gene.   Thus the following must be true… 


If one parents doesn’t carry the gene or express it – or its ladder is ( no parti- no parti) then none of that parents offspring can produce a puppy that express the parti gene.  Even when bred to a (Parti-Parti) yorkie.